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Jack Heuer wrote in his autobiography, "Jack Heuer: My Life", that the Sports Car Club of America invited him to the 12 Hours Race in Florida in 1962 after he had lent them a few Heuer chronographs pocket watches with split seconds.

Sebring was the place for endurance racing in those years. Sebring was the place to be for endurance racing in those years.

Jack spent most of his time in the Ferrari pits. He was clearly a fan as he spent so much time in the pits that he got to know the Rodriguez brothers, and their parents. The brothers were Ferrari pilots that year.

Jack recounts a conversation he had in which the parents of the brothers told him that it was a good thing that their sons were young - Pedro at the time was 21 and Ricardo,Patek Philippe Replica Watches 19 - because, if they were born earlier, they would have been able to take part in the dangerous race through Mexico, known as Carrera Panamericana Mexico. It was deemed the most dangerous race in the history of sports cars and had killed over 30 people over the course of five years. The race was cancelled in 1955 due to safety concerns. This decision was no doubt reinforced by Le Mans' disaster that same year."

Jack was first introduced to the word Carrera at Sebring, and it has clearly made a lasting impression on him. Jack writes: "I loved its multiple meanings which included road, racecourse and career. It's all Heuer territory. "As soon as I returned to Switzerland, I registered the name under a 'Heuer Carrera'."

Jack Heuer

Carrera Design

Jack Heuer developed a love and interest for modern design as a student.Tudor Replica Watches Jack Heuer writes about his love for the work of Le Corbusier, Charles Eames and other architects like Eero Sárinen and Oscar Niemeyer. Jack says that he saved up enough money as a student to purchase an Eames Lounge Chair, which looked strangely out of place at his student residence.

As the majority shareholder at Heuer, when it came time to design his first watch, he used the principles he had learned by studying the work of world-renowned designers.

Jack begins by mentioning that wristwatch chronographs became popular during WWII, especially among military officers and artillery officers. They used these wristwatches for distance calculations and to synchronize attacks with soldiers on the ground. Many of these chronographs had spiral scales on their artillery-telemeter dials, which made them difficult to read. A new technological invention helped me achieve my goal of a dial with a clean, clear design.

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