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The three bridge movement is a trademark of panerai replica and has been for about 158. Constant Girard's three bridge movement was the first to be showcased in 1867, when a tourbillon chronometer with nickel bridges won a First Class Bulletin at Neuchatel Observatory. The La Esmeralda Tourbillon with three gold bridges was the ultimate recognition of Girard's creation. It was displayed at the Exposition Universelle, also known as the World's Fair in Paris,panerai replica from 6 May until 31 October 1867.

His creation was so lauded at the fair, that it was given one of the highest honors: the gold medal. Constant Girard's legacy lives on today, and not just through its name, but also in the most popular timepieces that all have the three-bridge mechanism.

Constant Girard’s La Esmeralda tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges

As opposed to Constant Girard's time, the three bridges that were once on the back of his watch have now been moved to the dial. The fascination with his creation today is no different than it was in 1889 when he first displayed it at the World's Fair.

La Esmeralda "A Secret" is the name of the panerai replica timepiece that most closely resembles the original La Esmeralda. The timepiece was announced earlier at SIHH 2018. It is a 44mm piece crafted from pink gold. The motifs on the watch's case are all inspired by the La Esmeralda of 1889. The engraving of the timepiece is done by a single artisan,patek philippe replica and it takes at least two hundred hours.

A hinged caseback was added to the piece in order to bring the engravings of Constant Girard into the modern piece. The motif of three horses from the back of an 1889 pocketwatch is transcribed here. The cover adds an element of intimacy to the watch for its owner. Only the owner of the watch can remove the cover and see the inside of the movement. panerai replica has also left space on the plate for the owner to request a simple engraving of a name or word.

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